Sunday, 22 September 2013

Prayer Chair

This chair is apparently for praying. It is in the bathroom and I usually just place my clothes on it but decided to try it out for size.  When I placed my knees on the seat they sunk comfortably into the already formed impressions of knees past.  The tender padding had an acute memory of the weight of previous sins and life problems that had formed the indentations.  The chair  lovingly hugged my knees in a warm embrace.

Aloise and Greta McNorton, the family who host DRAWinternational.  
 Aloise turned 13 today!  She has such a  sweet and a spunky spirit.
Greta is a fabulous cook and makes wonderful dinners for us all.

All you obsessive compulsive disorder folks that can't stand faded, chalky, or chipping paint would go crazy here. Almost every door has a unique character of all of the above.  I know I am just another person in Europe who is fascinated by  doors, but I can't help it. They have such personality!  This is the back door to my place. 
  Rona and Home Depot doors are boring.

typical door knocker; full size hand
unbelievable texture

One of my favourite doors.  I just wonder who has
opened this door in the past?  How many different
people have passed through from the outside to
the sanctuary of the interior?

For Sale!  Many buildings are left in limbo because French
                        law states that a family real estate asset must be divided equally among all
siblings.  There are  disagreements amongst family members
                    about fixing up, or selling, and for what price.  And, many families have a large
 number of siblings, so........

Delicious bright magenta/fuchsia coloured door on the Church.
Makes the entrance very womb like.

        You see many doors in places where there used to be
         large archways. I'd love to know the history behind 
these alterations.

The little house next to the church. A poster for a special event or
program at the church. 

On the main street of town.  A trio of lovely doors.

This is what newer doors look like.  Beautiful natural wood.

I can see the inspiration for the blue.
It matches the sky.

A sad little door from long ago.

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