Saturday, 7 September 2013

14th C cathedral a few steps from where I'm staying.  The bells toll all day long.

Pond near edge of the village with all those                                                                                             lovely silvery grey green Mediterranean colours

view down a street to surrounding hills

a couple of playful new paintings

bold luscious brush strokes
                                                                     easily free cluttered mind 
                                                      playful inspiring


Lyme Disease?
    Yes, since I arrived a week ago I had all the symptoms and had to go on a month long antibiotic                 treatment, just in case it is Lyme.  Very painful swollen knees, wrists, ankles etc. with the symbolic         bite mark.  It must have been that Cortes Island bite second to last week of August!  Feeling quite           better today and hopefully can start doing more work.....instead of sleeping most of the time.

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