Thursday, 26 September 2013

Market day is on Tuesday in the village square.
The merchants arrive with mobile refrigerated
vehicles to sell their products.  The fish is

wonderful and we have it often.  

The fruit and vegetable folks set up in the covered
market area.

The cheese merchant with an amazing array of
excellent cheeses.

Sausages, regular and specialty meats.

The old village square.

Escargot?  No thanks....

The studio is very productive. I've done
about 40 drawings/samples so far. I'm spending
all day every day working trying to push myself
further along the graphite and watercolour path to
a more interesting place.  Not an easy task
apparently, but its a real pleasure having this time
to explore.

Jamie Oliver

 I went to an Auberge/Inn for lunch with John and Greta
McNorton to celebrate Greta's birthday. Jamie Oliver
had been there to cook with the woman who runs
the restaurant because she is well known for excellent
southern France cooking.

Monique Valette is the owner/cook of Auberge Lou Bourdie
in a little village called Bach, about 17 kilometres from Caylus.
Her recipes are her grandmother'sand are amazing!  She comes out of the 
kitchen to greet
 all the guests personally.  We each had a four course dinner for 17 Euro
and it was unbelievable. Soup that was like I had never tasted before,
salad (cold meats jellied with lettuce etc.), roast pork dinner with fresh peas,
carrots, potatoes and onions - delicate flavour and delicious; a piece
of chocolate cake with cream sauce and cafe. Great meal that tasted like

the best home cooked food you'd ever imagine.

Picture of Auberge Lou Bourdie modest and typical building.

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