Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Farewell to Caylus. I'm sad to be leaving as it was
facinating to live in a medieval village and house
for two months. The view of the village and lake
from a hike lookout. This post is just random shots
from Caylus and surrounding area.

Reflection of the Chateau Tower in the Lake.

An extremely weathered STOP sign in Caylus. I think it
suits the town. It was on a back road rarely used.
 Unusual they aren't in French.

Bleeding hearts grow wild everywhere and there
is something about the light in southern France that
makes the blues, violets and purples just glow.

Love those hose down pay toilettes.  I visited the town
Montauban, about one hour away and the bus
cost 17 Euros round trip. Yikes.

A tiny 13th C church perched on a hilltop overlooking the
Bonnette River Valley and surrounding farmland.  It
is a few kilometres from Caylus.
View from the church across the valley to surrounding
 hills. Very lush and beautiful vegetation.

The bar in the Caylus Square "Le Lagardere"
...the hub of socializing.  Good quiche too.

 The aperitif every afternoon after a long one hour
walk/hike.  I was becoming a regular. 

I want one of those above my door!  Such lovely
details that make the houses so magical.

Another car event in the village square.  This time it
was French classics.  Really amazing designs and colours.
These folks were really having fun.  They walk around town,
have some wine and food at the cafe and roll on down
the road to the next village.

Chrysanthemums are everywhere. These are grown and sold
for November 1st, 'The Day of the Dead', so people can
place them on the graves of their loved ones.   It really
brightened up the main street of town. 

On one of our daily hikes/walks, Sue and I
found a little waterfall.

Morning cafe creme at the other bar/cafe in town
on the main street. One of the important rituals of the day. 

Grete, Sue and I at a cafe in Albi before we went to
the Toulouse Lautrec Museum.  There is a parrot sitting
behind me who mades sounds like a champagne bottle opening.
The server was a real character and put this bottle on
our table for the photo op.

View of Caylus from a hike we often took.  My house was
SW of the tower, second house down.  The tower is apparently
full of bats.

Front door lock at Drawinternational.  Each door had
a unique and heavy duty locking mechanism.  The key
to this door is huge.

One of the many mossy passageways in Caylus.

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